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Simple to set-up and to keep all your credentials in one place.


You know your credentials are safe, secure, and always with you.


A personal system of identity management for when you are asked who you are.

The Credntia Experience

Credntia is the world’s leading personal identity management system. It is a new way to consolidate all your identity credentials and have them available to you, where you are. We empower you to be who you are in the world.

Join Credntia

Start by using an identification card, your email or social accounts to start building your Credntia profile.

Add your credentials

Create your profile with over five different types of credentials from your driver’s licence, passport, student ID and medical card. You define you with Credntia.

Travel with Credntia

No more looking for your ID cards. Credntia is an experience born in mobility and accessible from your phone. Credntia enables you to be you wherever you go.

Use Credntia

Credntia is accepted everywhere. Use Credntia to show who you are at the hotel, when you hire a car, when you check-in for a flight and more

How Credntia Works

Simple to set-up and start using in four simple steps.

Step One

Download Credntia from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step Two

Create your Credntia account using an ID card or with your email or a social profile.

Step Three

Upload over 5 different types of credentials to your Credntia account.

Step Four

Start using Credntia anywhere and everywhere you go.

What Our Customers Say

Read our customer reviews and connect with Credntia to learn more.

Robert Andrews

“Perfect. This is the best credential app ever made. In love.”


“Cool UI and very well designed.”


“So it doesn’t matter if I forget my wallet anymore. Word. I do that a lot!”


“This app made it on my home screen!”

Zxia Barrow

“Love it. Very helpful must have.”


“Great app that serves its purpose.”


“After looking all afternoon found the perfect app to store my passport, drivers license and kids health cards!”


“Works perfectly adding cards.”

Marty Graez

“I just downloaded the app and uploading my license was easy and user-friendly. I look forward to trying it out at various locations. So far, I highly recommend using this app.”